"“Courses at FTG were very good”"

Stephen Hall

Combined-Offshore Emergency Response Team Member-Helideck Emergency Response Team Member

The courses consists of practical and theoretical training and knowledge of

Offshore fire/emergency response arrangements
The role of the Emergency Response Team Member
The role of the Emergency Helideck Team Member
Helicopter Operational hazards
Incident planning and monitoring activities
Helideck helicopter emergency systems & controls
Operation of fixed fire systems
Emergency Response Team Operations when dealing with non-fire incidents
Arrangements to restore helideck emergency equipment to operational status
Preparing to enter, and gaining access to the incident area
Using best working practices and procedures
Locating missing personnel
Handling and removing casualties
Selecting and using portable fire-fighting equipment
Selecting, operating and flushing foam fire-fighting equipment
Extinguish a fire and/or securing an area
Conducting and controlling breathing apparatus operations
Minimising damage to property
Maintaining communications.

RFFS Supervisor Revalidation