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Alan Clark
Urquhart Partnership

Offshore Emergency Response Team Leader Further

Duration: 1.5 Days Course


This OPITO approved course is designed to meet the further live practice onshore training and assessment requirements for Offshore Emergency Response Team Leader further as identified in the UKOOA Guidelines for Competence and Training in Emergency Response, to enable them to join and lead Offshore Emergency Response Teams for further installation-specific duties, training and development.

Aims & Structure

The course consists of theoretical input and practical exercises developed to measure competence relating to the key learning outcomes of the OPITO standard for Emergency Response Team Leader Further training.

Delegates will be assessed against the defined training outcomes of the current OPITO standard


Delegates must have previously attended Basic offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training or Further Offshore Emergency Training, and Offshore Emergency Response Team Leader or a suitable alternative programme to attend the Further training programme. And also be in possession of a current offshore Medical certificate.

Course Contents

The course consists of practical and theoretical training and knowledge of skills in:


On successful completion of the training programme delegates will be issued with an OPITO approved certificate and entered onto OPITO’s Central register. Validity 2 years

RFFS Supervisor Revalidation