""Training facilities were excellent & Instructors made the course’s very informative & enjoyable.""

James Campbell

STCW Advanced - Updated Training

This route is available to seafarers holding an advanced fire fighting certificate, or equivalent, who have not undergone the required updating training onboard ship and wish to undertake the full updating training at an MCA approved training centre. Training Duration Not less than 7 contact hours over 1 day. Certification and documentation An achievement of the desired standard of competence a certificate will be issued by the centre in the format shown in Annex D (vi). Aim To give all those seeking updating training certification for advanced firefighting the essential education and training set out in Table A-VI/3. Outcomes There are four outcomes to the training. Outcome 1: The learner knows how to control fire fighting operations aboard ship Outcome 2: The learner knows how to organise and train fi re parties Outcome 3: The learner knows how to inspect and service fire detection and extinguishing systems and equipment Outcome 4: The learner is able to investigate and compile reports on incidents involving fire
RFFS Supervisor Revalidation