"“Great learning from the experienced instructors”"

Mark Mackie

Why train with us?

With more than 15 years experience to our name, we pride ourselves on our key values; focusing on the needs of our customers and adding value whilst maintaining emphasis on delivery objectives. 

Training in excess of 14,000 delegates per year in courses ranging from half a day to six weeks, we are a leading provider of fire training in the UK.

Situated in a prime location and accessible by all transport links, we provide our clients with the most efficient, innovative and realistic safety training.

Our continued success in the delivery of quality training has been achieved through the application and drive of our dedicated team and the commitment to shared values;

RESPECT: in that we show consideration for our suppliers, our customers, each other and the environment within which we operate.

CUSTOMER FOCUS: in that we are committed to supporting our customers achieve their goals.

COMPETENCE: in that we strive to be expert in our field and differentiate our offering based on the superiority of our proposition.

ADAPTABILITY: in that we will revise our approach to meet customer requirements whilst maintaining focus on the delivery of commercial objectives.


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